The Tunnel of Trees: Ultimate Trip Planning Guide

April 18, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Northern Michigan, the Tunnel of Trees offers a breathtaking journey through one of the state's most picturesque landscapes. Stretching along M-119 from Harbor Springs to Cross Village, this iconic route is enveloped by dense woods, creating a mesmerizing canopy that captivates travelers with its natural beauty and quiet ambiance. Renowned for its scenic views and the beautiful experience it provides, the Tunnel of Trees has emerged as a must-see destination for those seeking to explore the unique charm of Northern Michigan.

In this guide, we aim to unfold the wonders of the Tunnel of Trees, providing you with an ultimate trip-planning aid. From uncovering the essence of what makes this route so unique to sharing essential travel tips and the best times to visit, we aim to ensure that your journey through this natural marvel is unforgettable. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this guide promises to enhance your exploration of the Tunnel of Trees, inviting you to engage yourself fully in the beauty and tranquility that define this exceptional Northern Michigan treasure.

Mapping Your Journey: The Route Unveiled 

The Tunnel of Trees, a picturesque stretch along M-119, starts just north of Harbor Springs, a quaint town known for its stunning waterfront views and historic charm. The route winds its way north to the small community of Cross Village. This journey, approximately 20 miles long, is more than just a drive; it explores one of Michigan's most beautiful natural landscapes.

As you embark on this scenic route, you're greeted by a canopy of trees that forms a natural tunnel, enveloping the road in a serene embrace. The journey is dotted with key landmarks and attractions that enrich the experience. One notable stop is the Thorne Swift Nature Preserve, where visitors can enjoy nature trails and a boardwalk leading to a pristine beachfront on Lake Michigan. Further along the route, the Legs Inn in Cross Village offers a unique dining experience with its traditional Polish cuisine and rustic, folk art-filled ambiance.

Another highlight is the Good Hart General Store, a charming spot that glimpses the area's history and culture. It offers local goods and a friendly atmosphere. The route also offers numerous lookouts, such as the Devil's Elbow, which provides stunning views of Lake Michigan and the surrounding forest. These views are breathtaking during the autumn months when the foliage is at its peak.

Mapping your journey along the Tunnel of Trees is not just about reaching from point A to point B; it's about embracing the slow-paced beauty of Northern Michigan, discovering hidden gems along the way, and creating memories in a landscape that changes with each curve of the road.

Best Time to Visit the Tunnel of Trees 

The Tunnel of Trees, renowned for its stunning natural beauty, offers a distinct experience with each season, making it a year-round attraction. In the spring, the route awakens with fresh greenery and budding flowers, a sign of new life after the winter months. This season is remarkably peaceful, as the tourist traffic is lighter, allowing for a serene drive.

Summer brings lush, full canopies of leaves, providing cool shade and vibrant green vistas. This time of year is perfect for those looking to explore the numerous hiking trails, beaches, and picnic spots along the route, making the most of the warm weather and extended daylight hours.

However, the autumn season captivates visitors when the Tunnel of Trees transforms into a spectacular fall foliage display. The canopy bursts into fiery red, orange, and gold hues, creating a breathtaking backdrop for drives, photography, and leisurely stops. The fall season, particularly late September through October, is often recommended as the best time to visit for those seeking the optimal scenery for which the Tunnel of Trees is famous.

Winter offers its unique charm, with the bare trees and snow-covered landscapes providing a tranquil and picturesque winter wonderland. Although some services along the route may be limited during this season, the scenic beauty of the snow-laden trees and the possibility of enjoying winter sports in the area make it worth considering for those who enjoy colder-weather adventures.

In summary, while each season offers its allure, the autumn months are the prime time to experience the Tunnel of Trees at its most spectacular, making it the ideal period for those seeking the quintessential scenic drive.

First-Time Visitor Tips for the Tunnel of Trees 

Visiting the Tunnel of Trees for the first time is an experience that promises both beauty and tranquility, set against the backdrop of Northern Michigan's natural landscape. To ensure that your journey is as enjoyable as possible, here are some practical tips tailored for first-time visitors:

What to Bring:

  1. Camera or Smartphone: The scenic beauty of the Tunnel of Trees is remarkable, and you’ll want to capture the memories. The changing seasons offer unique photo opportunities, so keep your camera ready.
  2. Binoculars: These are for those interested in bird watching or wanting a closer look at the distant Lake Michigan shoreline.
  3. Picnic Supplies: There are several picturesque spots to enjoy a picnic, so consider packing a meal. Don’t forget a blanket and perhaps a book for a relaxing stop.
  4. Comfortable Footwear: Good walking shoes are necessary to explore trails or stops along the route.
  5. Layered Clothing: Weather can be unpredictable, especially in transitional seasons. Dressing in layers allows for comfort regardless of temperature changes.

What to Expect:

  • Narrow Roads: The road can be narrow and winding. Drive carefully, respecting the speed limits and the natural environment.
  • Limited Cell Service: Cell service may be spotty in some areas, so plan by downloading maps or directions.
  • Seasonal Traffic: Fall weekends can be busy. For a more serene experience, consider a weekday visit.

Where to Stop:

Discover the enchanting beauty of Northern Michigan with a scenic road trip along M-119, famously known as the Tunnel of Trees. This picturesque route is not just a journey; it's an immersive experience that connects travelers with the serene and captivating landscapes of the region. As you navigate through this lush corridor of foliage, make sure to include these must-visit stops on your itinerary:

Thorne Swift Nature Preserve: A haven for nature enthusiasts, this preserve offers tranquil walking trails and a scenic boardwalk leading to the beach. It's the perfect spot to immerse yourself in the area's natural beauty.

Good Hart General Store: Step into a slice of local history and charm at the Good Hart General Store. Here, you can pick up delicious snacks unique local goods, and experience a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Devil’s Elbow and Horseshoe Bend: Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking views from these notable lookout points. Incredibly stunning during the fall, they offer panoramic vistas that are truly unforgettable.

Legs Inn: At the northern end of your journey in Cross Village, Legs Inn awaits with its unique Polish cuisine and whimsical garden sculptures. This iconic establishment provides a memorable finale to your adventure before you decide to turn back or continue exploring.

Embrace the journey along the Tunnel of Trees with an open heart, allowing yourself ample time to explore, relax, and take in the unparalleled views. This road trip is more than a route; it's an opportunity to connect with the tranquil beauty and calm of Northern Michigan. For more details on planning your trip and making the most of this scenic drive, visit

Your Journey Through the Tunnel of Trees Awaits

The Tunnel of Trees is not merely a route but a journey through the heart of Northern Michigan's splendid natural beauty. Each season offers a unique perspective on this enchanting path, from the vibrant canopy of leaves in autumn to the serene snow-covered branches in winter. The winding road from Harbor Springs to Cross Village, flanked by lush forests and scenic vistas, invites travelers to slow down and immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. Along the way, landmarks such as the Thorne Swift Nature Preserve, Good Hart General Store, and Legs Inn enrich the experience, offering glimpses into the area's rich history and culture. As you plan your visit to the Tunnel of Trees, consider making OTIS Harbor Springs your home base, where the charm and elegance of Northern Michigan are reflected in every detail.

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